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Mark Johnson is a native son of the heart of America. Born in Missouri and raised in Kansas, he also lived and attended school as a youth in Germany, Alaska, and Guam. He excelled in all sports, setting strikeout records as an All-Star pitcher, captaining and quarterbacking his high school football team in South Carolina and being an All-Conference and honorable mention All-State basketball player. He received scholarship attention from Universities such as Notre Dame, Georgia and Clemson, eventually graduating with a Bachelor's Degree from the University of Kansas. He also earned a Master's Degree and served on the faculty at Pittsburgh State (Kansas) University, serving as the Chairman of the Military Science department.

Mark had a successful 20 year career as a Special Forces/Green Beret Officer, where he commanded specially trained and educated teams and conducted missions, many of a sensitive and classified nature, in over 50 nations on four continents. He was awarded the Bronze Star for his heroic leadership during the Persian Gulf War. He inspires and teaches America's youth to believe in themselves, accepting all challenges and excelling through adversity. He thoroughly enjoys motivating teenagers to create and shape a successful future.

He is a member of the National Speakers Association (NSA) and is the author of two internationally sold books , "How To Get Anyone to Follow You Anywhere" and "Lessons in Leadership".

Since the tragedies of September 11th, 2001, Mark has been called upon to assist Special Forces operations in the Global War on Terror, often traveling overseas to assist their efforts with teaching and training. He is also on the faculty of the U.S. Army Command & General Staff College, Fort Leavenworth, Kansas, responsible for teaching Special Operations curriculum at a Masters-degree level to high-ranking military officers.

He has appeared as an unconventional warfare expert on numerous TV and radio talk shows throughout the nation and is particularly adept at translating his incredible experiences in Special Forces to the every-day high school student to provide them with an inspiring message of character development and how their actions today will have a direct impact on their future tomorrow.

Mark Johnson is available for:

Mark's popular Topics for High School Students and Faculty include:

TOPICS: (A brief overview)

"Capture your Energy... Transform your life!" A message of inspiration
(Keynote, Great for Assemblies, Welcome Week or anytime of the year)

Ideal for any Conference opening or closing session.

Mark's most popular keynote presentation to High School students!

Mark says, "You can accomplish anything you want to in life... the only person who can stop you is yourself. If you face life's adversity - you will win! Where there is a will there is a way. The challenges you face in life will be opportunities in which to excel. Never give up, you will succeed. Stay focused on achieving your goal and always thinking positively towards this goal."

Accept responsibility, seek leadership positions, lead by your own positive example, establish life's good habits today...not tomorrow. You do not learn, you must earn the trust of others as well as their respect. Transform your life, starting today... improve each and every day - starting now!

In this dynamic keynote, Mark motivates students with some key principles of developing the proper habits today to serve you well tomorrow.

  1. You are in charge of your own destiny... no one else
  2. Focus on achieving your dreams, not just the obstacles you face to reach them.
  3. Commit yourself towards excellence
  4. Choose the "Hard Right" over the "Easy Wrong"
  5. Bad companions bring bad luck...choose wisely
  6. Seek first to help others
  7. Think "outside the box" to discover the riches of life
  8. Take risks, do the right thing, and "Make the impossible, possible"

Get Started on your Leadership Skills Today
"How to Get Anyone to Follow You Anywhere"
(Keynote or Workshop, Ideal for Leadership conferences and organizations)

Another of Mark's most popular keynote presentations!

Mark presents powerful and effective leadership strategies in a simple and understandable formula he calls "C.E. times 3". If you allow these ideas to be your guide, extraordinary achievements as a leader will be attainable. Mark's death defying and incomparable experiences as a Green Beret officer, his experiences as a team captain on championship football and basketball teams and his success in starting his own business, combine to assist students understand leadership and start to form their own qualities. He translates his adventures into practical applications for students to develop their own unique leadership styles.

Students will learn:

  1. How to effectively lead individuals and groups
  2. Learn the true essence of leadership
  3. Develop the communication skills of a top leader
  4. How to effectively motivate different personalities
  5. Maintain a positive attitude no matter what
  6. Learn the most important and critical elements of great leadership

Get High on Life, Not Drugs
(Keynote, Ideal for Drug/Alcohol Awareness)

In this powerful and hard hitting program, Mark gets right to the point about the evil of drugs while stressing the importance of making the right choices. He also illustrates his points with many real life stories of teens that made wrong choices. Mark says, "Drugs kill, period. They kill your body, your mind and will eventually kill you. There is nothing positive that can be gained from using or dealing drugs. No one can make the decision for you. It's your choice and you need to be strong enough to say NO! You need to think before you do drugs! Think about what it would do to your family, friends and everyone who cares about you if you were to die because of one wrong decision to use drugs!"

"Feel the Excitement" Build your future today, Achieve your dreams, Become a huge success
(Keynote or Workshop, ideal for Career Day)

In this powerful breakout session, Mark shares strategies that help teens plan for success! Mark walks them through the process of organizing a plan of action and seeing it through to completion. Some of the steps for achieving success covered in this session include:

  1. How hard work can lead to self-esteem and pride and why that's important
  2. Character development, Dedication to yourself, your school and loyalty
  3. How to begin building successful relationships through networking
  4. How to set and achieve your goals
  5. How to figure out which careers interest you and how to pursue them

The Exceptional Educator
Faculty / Teacher Development
(Keynote or Workshop, Ideal for Teacher In-Service)

Mark presents a powerful and uplifting workshop which will serve to empower your staff and faculty. This message will reveal some insight to motivating students as well as yourself and effective ways to conduct successful meetings and briefings. He uses his own personal experiences which translate directly to your schools situation. He has given this workshop nearly 1,000 times to faculty from many states as well as in the United Kingdom.

Faculty will learn:

  1. The essence of teaching
  2. How to effectively organize yourself and your class
  3. Tips and techniques to motivate your students
  4. Tips and techniques to motivate yourself
  5. How to relieve stress
  6. Conduct Successful Meetings to win!
  7. Facilitation skills
  8. Listening skills
  9. Effective communication

Faculty Teamwork
Green Beret Secrets of Team Building
Faculty / Teacher Development
(Keynote or Workshop, Ideal for Teacher In-Service)

In this presentation Mark relays his idea's of how to mold a group of separate individuals into a unified team. He has authored two books that reveal the true essence of what makes a team invaluable and necessary for the faculty to reach the next level of achievement.

In this presentation Mark will discuss:

  1. Why team's are more productive
  2. Green Beret Secret's to teamwork
  3. Cross-training to achieve greater flexibility
  4. Build an A-Team in your school
  5. Exercise your team for ultimate success
  6. Lead your team to achieve the extra ordinary