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Mark Johnson is recognized world wide for his keen insight on the subjects of leadership, team building and motivation. He offers your organization half-day seminars in these topics, as well as recruiting, and strategic planning. Mark provides an excellent seminar for new leaders and supervisors, designed to get them the knowledge and confidence to find success as a newly appointed leader. In addition to authoring two books on these subjects, Mark is called upon regularly to present these award-winning seminars to corporations and a wide variety of business organizations. These presentations are the ideal workshops for faculty and administrations of universities and colleges, community colleges and high schools. Each presentation consists of practical and useful information packaged in a three to four hour session. It is a perfect fit for your conference break-out session, faculty in-service training, or staff training. Mark will always tailor his content to fit your organization's specific desires.

Green Beret Team Building

Gain the leadership skills you need - and your team WANTS you to have! Learn the most critical skills of building and leading teams. Mark Johnson has commanded and lead his Green Beret teams into the most harrowing and dangerous situations around the world for twenty years. In this seminar/workshop/breakout session, Mark reveals his story of leading and motivating individuals to accomplish incredible feats despite enormous odds. As a department chairperson at Pittsburg State (KS) University, he applied those lessons learned "in the trenches" to develop a unified team that, together, shattered the national record for recruiting and sending students to a summer leadership camp. In this presentation, the audience will "soak up" Mark's vast experience in discussing the critical elements of team building and prepare you to lead your own team to greater success.

"The person who figures out how to harness the collective genius of his or her organization is going to blow the competition away". Walter Wriston, Former CEO of Citibank.

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Lessons in Leadership: Straight Talk from a Green Beret!

Learn what the really important lessons of leadership are and those necessary traits which one should strive for. How can one become an inspirational and exceptional leader? What you can do about improving your skills today? In this content-packed seminar/workshop/breakout session, Mark reveals his secrets of how he successfully led people in some of the world's most dangerous locations. In combat, he repeatedly led his Green Beret unit to fearlessly excel and remain calm in the face of enormous odds. Let him be the guide to introduce you to techniques and information that will work for you.

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Special Operations Planning: Action Strategies that WORK!

In this dynamic seminar/workshop, Mark relies on his vast experience as a Special Operations planner to relate that to your organization, business, or school. During the Gulf War, for instance, Mark was responsible for all the detailed planning for an entire Special Forces battalion, numbering eighteen 12-man A-teams, an assortment of air and other assets and numbering over five hundred personnel. His unit alone did coalition support operations with four separate nations, across a seventy-mile front, against an enemy of eight divisions and outnumbering them four-to-one. His battalion was responsible for capturing nearly 9,000 enemy prisoners, destroyed and/or captured numerous key and high value targets, did numerous special reconnaissance and direct action missions, rescued downed U.S. pilots deep behind enemy lines, destroyed key SCUD launcher sites, and ensured smooth coordination between Egyptian, Syrian, Saudi, Kuwaiti, U.K. and U.S. personnel and units occurred. All this occurred in eight months and not one single soldier from his unit was killed in action. During the Balkans operations in Bosnia and Kosovo, Mark was a key planner for all the Special Operations missions in that conflict. In addition, he instructs planning at the U.S. Army Command & General Staff College, where he teaches the future Dwight Eisenhowers and Colin Powell's how to plan.
In this seminar/workshop, see what he considers essential to proper planning. He emphasizes the importance of creating a vision and mission for your organization which is understandable, precise, and is attainable. You will learn how to conduct the proper mission analysis and develop workable courses of action to take to be successful. Mark instills the importance of detailed planning, using his own real-world examples to highlight each point, to the audience. This is a must for CEO's, COO's, and executives of corporations who must compete successfully on the global market in order to ensure their existence. This is also a very practical message for school administrators and athletic departments.

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Motivate from the Heart - "Make the Impossible Possible"

Motivation is one of those topics that "experts" offer hundreds of varying opinions on, and each is either right on target, or dead wrong. The bottom line - you must first motivate YOURSELF before you then can motivate others. Often times, motivation of others comes strictly as a by-product of your own energy, determination, and inspiration. Sometimes, however, it seems that it takes extra effort each day to motivate some of your staff. In this session, Mark reveals his ideas and thoughts on how to successfully motivate people. As a leader in Special Forces, Mark was called upon to motivate adults to regularly face the enemy, with the loss of life a real possibility. How did he accomplish this, and do it successfully for twenty years? As a youth coach, he has coached numerous undefeated squads in several different sports. How did he do that? As a university department chairperson, he motivated college students to participate in a wide variety of events and more than tripled enrollment in his programs. How did he motivate these students to do the "hard right" over the "easy wrong". This seminar will serve to give you some ideas on how you can motivate the people in your organization to work at a peak performance level. No matter what profession you are in, this presentation is sure to offer you information that you can use TODAY to increase productivity.

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Record-Smashing Recruiting

Mark Johnson knows about recruiting. In this seminar/workshop he will offer some keen insight and provide the audience with a plethora of ideas in how to improve and increase your recruiting efforts. Absolutely a must-attend for university, college and community college faculty in the business of recruiting students. If your desire is to increase campus enrollment, study Mark's tactics to excel. Athletic departments benefit from learning of different techniques used to locate and sign prospective student-athletes. Corporations benefit by luring the top candidates from competitors.
While chairperson of the Reserve Officers Training Corps (ROTC) at Pittsburg State University, Mark, in his first year, accomplished feats in recruiting students (click here to view the full story) that had never before been seen and has yet to be approached. While on the faculty of U.S. Army Command & General Staff College, Fort Leavenworth, KS, Mark has smashed existing records of attracting students to enroll in his electives, more than quadrupling previous records that had previously withstood a century.
When the average enrollment of an elective at this Masters-level institution is 12-16, Mark regularly gets between 50 and 120 for his electives.
As a highly regarded athlete in high school, recruited by legendary coaches such as Ara Parseghian of Notre Dame and Vince Dooley of Georgia, Mark has a knack for understanding the basic elements of recruiting and how it works. More impressive is the inspiring manner in which he delivers this message. This session is sure to provide the attendee with tips that can be put into action with immediate positive results.

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Start Off Right: Excel as a New Leader or Supervisor

This seminar/workshop is designed for the person who has been assigned the awesome responsibility of managing, leading and supervising others for the first time. It's a familiar step and "rite of passage" that all leaders must go through. Mark relies on his experiences in similar situations, being responsible for commanding men and women, often times twenty years his senior in both age and experience. He divulges what made him successful in these situations, and how he built off that momentum towards success in his entire career. The emphasis for this seminar/workshop is assisting the newly appointed leader to start off correctly, organize efficiently, understand what will ultimately earn them promotion, and reaching success immediately. There are many invaluable tips, techniques, and ideas that the attendee can place into action that same day. You will leave this presentation with an understanding of what you need to do to correctly lead people for the first time and how to properly carry it out. This is a MUST for an organization or corporation's newly appointed officers and supervisors. It will provide your organization an invaluable training experience and you will see immediate results!

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