"I thought this course was amazing. I loved every word spoken throughout the semester. As the classes wore on, I felt more and more possessed to listen and learn. I felt this class was interesting and also important to my life and future."

B. C.

"I think this class was awesome and Mark Johnson is an outstanding teacher and can really engage his people. There is a reason why people succeed in life and that is because we have someone like you whom believe in us. I am extremely proud of the man you are and all you have accomplished in your life. Thank you and continued blessings always."

D. W.

"I enjoyed this class a lot. I felt like I learned more here that I will use in the real world than I did in any other course. Thank you for teaching the course and showing me the care you did, it is much appreciated. You have helped me see the world in a new light. I feel like I had an idea of some of these concepts but actually hearing them and hearing leadership taught from a great leader has gone a long way for me."

J. K.



Mark Johnson is a dynamo. He is a retired, decorated combat veteran who is not only a graduate of Metropolitan Community College (MCC) but now gives back through serving as an adjunct faculty member at MCC-Longview. He teaches business management and leadership courses and literally has built a following of students–they love him. He is also a phenomenal speaker who travels around the country with his messages about leadership and success.

He empowers, motivates and inspires people to “make their tomorrows better than todays.” I had the privilege of sitting down with him recently to interview him about how he “creates opportunities.” Mark Johnson measures success as the late, great Jackie Robinson inspired people to make a significant impact on others.