"Mr. Johnson's C.E. X 3 formula is the biggest thing I will remember and he has lit a fire under me with his excitement, confidence, and passion. Taking his course really has inspired me in everything I do now. My other teachers have noticed that I worked harder and my boss has noticed it also."

T. G.

"I would carry on with me just about everything taught in class. I know that in my job I can have a great impact on life. Being confident and showing excitement gains a lot of trust and excitement in clients, as a photographer. I feel that the course had a positive impact on my life and how I see things have really changed for the better because of the things I was taught. Thank you!"

S. M.

"The high points of this class were the lessons itself. It explained leadership at a real-life level that was easy and exciting to learn. I will take away the lessons, and Mr. Johnson's excitement to teach as important parts of remembrance. I enjoyed the class and look forward to applying what I have learned in the real world. Thank you!"

J. J.

Instructor Philosophy

I absolutely believe the single most important aspect of this class is showing up for 100% of classes and fully participating and becoming involved in each discussion. We will learn by sharing the various experiences learned by each student. Adult learning cannot be effective without a commitment by each student to capture all materials and be a participant in every aspect. Writing and speaking/briefing skills will be stressed throughout the course to prepare each student to effectively become managers and leaders in their future professions.

Mark JohnsonI believe the classes should be informal, open, and allow for open discussions of every topic and to question all readings and instruction in a professional manner. My emphasis is not on written tests (there will be only one examination in this course), but on speaking, listening, organizing, and writing skills. Like most employers, I place heavy emphasis on punctuality and behavior. Obviously, as adult learners we all must be thoroughly prepared for each class, which means the reading assignments must be completed PRIOR to the class period, in order to have a thorough and correct discussion. Each individual student’s grade will be weighed heavily on his/her attendance and preparedness for each lesson.

Lastly, I, as the Instructor, am here to facilitate discussion, guide, direct, and evaluate each individual performance, and pass on as much of my own personal relevant knowledge as possible. The ONLY mission we all have is to assist each fellow student with their own individual preparation to succeed in their chosen life’s profession. I will insist that this must be remembered as the single most important task at hand… the preparation of each student to learn as much as possible during the short duration of this course.


Professional Development and Readings

To increase one’s knowledge of bettering him/herself in their chosen life’s profession, a professional recommended reading list has been provided to assist each student with their future. These readings are in no way comprehensive and are merely a guide from which to start a professional reading program in your future. It is highly recommended that each student seek out references and texts that deal within the areas of their profession and become a life-long learner. I believe there is no better time than the present to start compiling these references, and extra credit and/or consideration will be given as you discuss professionally these references during class pertaining class periods.


‘Walk-And-Talk’ sessions

This will be done at various times during the course of the semester and is open for all students. This is used as an informal method to converse and discuss academic and/or professional situations in a comfortable, non-threatening and healthy environment. Groups can range from 2-5 to 15-20 students. The instructor/mentor/advisor will lead the sessions and facilitate discussion that is relevant for all. The pace of the walk will be determined by all members of the group but will be of a reasonable pace and distance, agreeable to all participants. The purpose is to promote fitness of one’s mental, physical, and emotional well-being. The ‘Walk-And-Talk’ sessions serve as another outlet to educate both the student and Instructor.