"Mr. Johnson was an EMBLEM. He is THE example for all to emulate. He represented what he taught through the experiences he lived. It showed in the way he taught each class. Throughout this short semester, he showed what a huge impression a leader can make on his followers. He inspired me with his statement: To Set the example and realize that you are nurturing the future of the nation."

G. P.

"I will certainly remember the way you carry yourself, Mr. Johnson. Dressing in a suit, shaking everyone's hand, and genuinely caring for each of one of us and our futures had a profound impact on me. Not many of my instructors walk the talk but you, sir, do and I appreciate it very much. I have been impacted very much by this class. You are a wonderful motivator, a caring individual, and an outstanding leader. Thank you for your tremendous service to our great country and God Bless."

G. D. C.

"I really enjoyed the class. You are a great speaker and I like to think that some day I'll have your speaking presence. I really enjoyed the way you communicate and it kept me interested and I never wanted to miss a class because I loved your enthusiasm. I hope there are more men like you in our armed forces, and thank you for your service. You make me feel proud to be an American. Thank you for teaching at Longview."

T. R.

"I enjoyed this class a lot. I felt like I learned more here that I will use in the real world than I did in any other course. Thank you for teaching the course and showing me the care you did, it is much appreciated. You have helped me see the world in a new light. I feel like I had an idea of some of these concepts but actually hearing them and hearing leadership taught from a great leader has gone a long way for me."

J. K.

"Mr. Johnson's examples such as his war stories helped paint a picture of a real life leader in action. It helped show that, as a leader, things might be tough, but it can be done. His examples were really good. I'll remember how Mr. Johnson's attitude every day he brought to the class was a happy, successful, 'we're going to get things accomplished today' kind of attitude. I enjoyed how he was a very upbeat teacher, and I'm excited to take more of his classes. The course was great, overall!"

R. R.

"The high points of this class were the lessons itself. It explained leadership at a real-life level that was easy and exciting to learn. I will take away the lessons, and Mr. Johnson's excitement to teach as important parts of remembrance. I enjoyed the class and look forward to applying what I have learned in the real world. Thank you!"

J. J.

"Mr. Johnson's C.E. X 3 formula is the biggest thing I will remember and he has lit a fire under me with his excitement, confidence, and passion. Taking his course really has inspired me in everything I do now. My other teachers have noticed that I worked harder and my boss has noticed it also."

T. G.

"I would carry on with me just about everything taught in class. I know that in my job I can have a great impact on life. Being confident and showing excitement gains a lot of trust and excitement in clients, as a photographer. I feel that the course had a positive impact on my life and how I see things have really changed for the better because of the things I was taught. Thank you!"

S. M.


Photo Gallery

Mark Johnson
3 original members of Mark's 1st class at Longview

Mark Johson
Two exceptional students studying to be Nurses

Mark Johnson
A few of the many Longview baseball players who have taken Mark's classes

Mark Johnson
Mark delivering, emphatically, one of his life's lessons with one sole purpose:
To make everyone better each and every day.

Mark Johnson
Life's lessons are taught in an enjoyable manner in Mark's classroom,
the rapport he gains with each student is unequal.

Mark Johnson
3 students who took several of Mark's classes

Mark Johnson
More students who took multiple classes from Mark

Mark Johnson
A Regional manager of McDonald's, who took multiple classes from Mark

Mark Johnson
A typical class of Johnson's, this one from Spring 2010

Mark Johnson
Some of the many members of the Longview Laker baseball team, 2007 NJCAA Champions