"I absolutely believe the single most important aspect of this class is showing up for 100% of classes and fully participating and becoming involved in each discussion. We will learn by sharing the various experiences learned by each student. Adult learning cannot be effective without a commitment by each student to capture all materials and be a participant in every aspect. Writing and speaking/briefing skills will be stressed throughout the course to prepare each student to effectively become managers and leaders in their future professions."

Mark Johnson

Class Sign

"I believe the classes should be informal, open, and allow for open discussions of every topic and to question all readings and instruction in a professional manner. My emphasis is not on written tests, but on speaking, listening, organizing, and writing skills. Like most employers, I place heavy emphasis on punctuality and behavior.

Mark Johnson

Class Sign


What Students Are Saying About Mark

R. V.: "I will never forget the stories told in class and I already carry with me phrases from the class for motivation. This class takes us back to the basics and the notebook I have for this class I will keep and hopefully when I need it most I will refer back to it. This class has helped me QUIT SMOKING after smoking for twelve years! Thank You!"

T. M.: "I learned more in just one night of your class about business management than I have in any of the 30+ business course credits, my years of trading the stock market, or my previous actual management positions. A light bulb constantly went on during your lessons. I enjoyed the course immensely and I honestly easily quadrupled my previous knowledge and understanding of how effective leadership really works. Thank you for being one of the most knowledgeable, inspiring, and energetic teachers I've ever had!"

J. W.: "To see how you have impacted the lives of your former students will be a high point I will carry with me. I like the fact that you invited outsiders to attend your classes even though they were not enrolled. I like the way you were always positive and inspiring, it made me feel bad if I missed one of your classes. I especially liked the way you met us at the door when we left your class and met us with a friendly gesture and handshake as we departed. I have already started looking to see what other classes you teach because, by far, you have been my favorite instructor and I can't wait to partake in your next class."

D. S.: "I graduated from college in 1988. I have been in the work force for over 20 years and have had many leadership positions. It was not until I took Mark Johnson's Business Management course at Longview College and read his book Lessons in Leadership: Straight Talk from a Green Beret that I realized how much I could relate to several key factors of a successful leader. Of course, my stories are not nearly as exciting as Mark Johnson's with how they relate to business management and leadership skills. I do have work experience that I can reflect on that has some relevance to many points he makes in his book. I can easily show how my experience relates to the important leadership lessons I have learned from Mark Johnson. I learned how important it is to make each person under your supervision feel special. Get to know their name, look them in the eye and just smile and say "Hi". This is one of the things that impressed me most about Mark Johnson on the first day of class and every one after. Mark has helped me emphasize the importance of the characteristics of a great leader. He is not only a great leader, but a great teacher and friend."

J. G.: "There are WAY too many things for me to even begin to mention from this course. You have taught me a whole new way to view leadership. I will now be able to take everything I have learned so far and carry it with me. I am more confident in my ability to lead others and will choose to lead others by applying what I have learned through your course. I really enjoyed the atmosphere in the classroom and how you gave us a chance to actually LEARN. The class was about hands-on experiences, and you can't 'teach' those. They have to be experienced. You did a wonderful job and I will carry your book with me everywhere. There were so many wonderful stories of how much motivation you truly have. You love what you do, and that shows. Thank you SO much, Mr. Johnson."

G. P.: "Mr. Johnson was an EMBLEM. He is THE example for all to emulate. He represented what he taught through the experiences he lived. It showed in the way he taught each class. Throughout this short semester, he showed what a huge impression a leader can make on his followers. He inspired me with his statement: To Set the example and realize that you are nurturing the future of the nation."

C. L. O.: "This semester has been an eye-opening experience for me, as it has been 25 years since I have been in a college classroom. I found the pace to be perfect. While I have been a leader of employees for nearly 5 years now, the course has been very informative. I have a renewed passion to be the best leader I can be after hearing the passion that you have for your role as a leader. I will always remember the way that each story that was told had a point of relevance to the course and to our own lives."

A. W.: "I would recommend this book to others. This book isn't a how-to book, but it provides the information in a how-to book with real-world examples and real-life stories. Mr. Johnson has an attitude that just makes you want to jump up and jog 10 laps around the track. The content in his book hits the critical points that decide whether or not a business is going to fail or succeed. After reading the book by Mr. Johnson, the reader will have countless stories to tell as well as a new knowledge and technique of running a business and his own life. This book has something for everyone to take from it. Even if war stories aren't your forte, pick this book up and read it front to back several times. You won't be able to put it down!" Dalton Howard: "You have earned yourself a spot as one of the most inspirational people in my life. I learned a great deal on how to become a successful person and leader. It would take me days to list all the high points of this semester. I have learned more about leadership in the past five months than I have the past five years while serving in the military. I would give an arm and leg to have had a leader like you while I was in the Army. Listening to you speak, I have learned what inspirational leadership is all about. I have taken every bit of information, from every single class, to heart, and will use it as a reference the rest of my life. You have no idea how much I respect what you have done in the Army. I could only dream of how many lives you have impacted in the greatest way. Hands down, you are one of the finest men I will ever have the privilege of meeting. You will always be in the back of my mind when I am faced with a difficult situation, contemplating my decisions, praying that I make the right one. I don't think I will ever be able to learn as much from this class in any other leadership seminar or workshop. Thank you for a wonderful AND educational semester!"

A. V.: "I was excited to read a book by someone who has been there and been tested through and through for being a leader. Here is a book written not just by a regular army man but by a Green Beret. All in all, I really enjoyed the entire book, it is filled with helpful stories and events that will help shape any manager or leader. I feel honored that I am being taught by the man that wrote the book. He is a testament to the C.E. Times 3 formula and I would truly follow Mr. Mark Johnson anywhere he leads." Amanda Stockton: "The high points of the class that I will carry on with me are Mr. Johnson as a person and how well he connected to all of us and the information that you shared. I liked the class a lot. I really liked the stories and personal things that you have told us. Everything you said in class came home with me and made me think about it later in the day. I'm really glad you were hyper because I think if I'd have taken this class with anyone else I would have fallen asleep. You kept me awake!! But I really liked the class and I am going to miss having you as a teacher. Thank you for everything that you have shared and done for us." Alan Pham: "I think having a teacher like Mark Johnson was a big impact in my life. He showed me he had passion and the commitment what we talked about in class. I never have seen someone so dedicated to their job. He was an inspiration to me that is what I will always remember forever. Everything Mark Johnson said in class was just phenomenal. He was loud, funny, and understandable. Those were the good's and there were no bad's. Thanks for being a great teacher and I will truly miss your presence."

S. M.: "This class is my favorite class to attend. It's not one of those boring lecture classes where I just want to sleep. Instead I am awake and listening wanting to learn more and be better today than I was yesterday. I love hearing the war stories which in turn we get to learn how to manage people. After the first week I went home and told my family I really enjoyed this class. I am very interested in reading your book and very soon I will be purchasing it. My dad also wants to read the book from what I tell him about the class. I have even signed up for one of your next semester classes." Matthew Seago: "I really did appreciate the way you taught this class because if we would have read the text book in and out then have had four or five exams on the material then that would be border-line insane. As a teacher you were great! I cannot find fault in your style even by nit-picking. Your teaching style, the students, and my respect for you and your past had me cornered in that niche. I do have to say that my high point in your class was receiving your great e-mail congratulating me on a job well-done. I didn't know what to say because I was so happy and honored. I guess all I can say is Thank You Kindly, Sir, for bringing your information and experience to us all, and a personal thank you from myself for your kind words and encouragement."

B. C.: "Wow, this class was great! I really enjoyed it and picked up a lot of information. You are definitely outgoing and very confident. You taught me how to be that way just by watching you. I have changed some of my ways through this class and my time management will be a lot different. I enjoyed this class so much, I wish I could take it again!" "The first thing that comes to mind when I read this book is 'wow'! Mark's stories are amazing, crazy, and very exciting. The courage it took to complete some of the tasks he succeeded in is phenomenal. I want to show my appreciation for the many things I learned in this class. Throughout the semester and through the book, I have learned more than most my other classes combined. I have been promoted in this time frame that I have taken this class and given keys and my superiors tell me that I do a better job each day. This goes along with the philosophy in Mark's book. I have learned a lot and have tried to be more successful and I really appreciate the time spent reading the book and being in class."

L. J.: "I honestly look at this class as a major blessing. It has taught me valuable lessons and has also been a reminder to understand the things that I truly find important in my life. Mr. Johnson, you truly are what made this course such a beautiful experience for me. I 'soaked' up a lot of things that will help my growth process. You are honestly 1 of the best teachers I have had in an actual school setting. I will never forget you, the man that GOD placed in my life journey to help me learn something new and valuable. THANKS FOR EVERYTHING TEACH!!!! This course has been a positive experience for me and I am very grateful. God Bless!!"

G. L.: "I don't think I would have enjoyed this class as much if you had not been the instructor. You are very motivational in the way you carry yourself and the way you talk with your students. I have thoroughly enjoyed being a part of your class and want to say thank you for all you have done for us."

K. J.: "This course was more than just Business Management. It was a leadership course that brought out the true meaning of what a leader is. This class has made it easier to speak out and feel comfortable. I will not forget and will attempt to take at least 10% of Mr. Johnson's enthusiasm with me everywhere I go."

G. D. C.: "I will certainly remember the way you carry yourself, Mr. Johnson. Dressing in a suit, shaking everyone's hand, and genuinely caring for each of one of us and our futures had a profound impact on me. Not many of my instructors walk the talk but you, sir, do and I appreciate it very much. I have been impacted very much by this class. You are a wonderful motivator, a caring individual, and an outstanding leader. Thank you for your tremendous service to our great country and God Bless."

S. H.: "I enjoyed the enthusiasm you shared with the class and the many war stories that you made relevant to business management. In particular I will remember the kindness and work ethic that you shared with our class. I'll remember the basics on how to be an effective leader. You have taught me that no matter how wealthy or successful any one of us becomes, we can still be leaders by impacting human beings in a positive way. I loved the quotes and stories you told us about leadership. I was amazed by your work ethic and your love for people. It meant a lot to see you get to know your students on a personal level. I can tell that you care about every one of us and that is truly rare coming from a college professor. I think that you impacted every single person in our class and that is something to be very proud of. I cannot thank you enough for actually caring and supporting our volleyball team. I enjoyed the class and am honored to have met you."

"After reading this book I have a good idea of what it takes to be an excellent leader, not just good, but excellent. Reading this book teaches you many lessons that can be incorporated into your daily life. I feel prepared to join the corporate world and know the challenges and hard work that I will face after reading this book and taking your course. This book can help so many people because Johnson displays his ideas in a way that is simple and easy to understand. Much of what he writes about is common sense that is simply overlooked when being a leader. It was an easy read that gives you the necessary and basic elements in effective leadership. I would recommend this book to all people wishing to advance in their career and also to people who are already leaders. There is always knowledge to be gained and reading this book can help anyone achieve effective leadership."

S. B.: "Things I will carry with me will be the inspiration, not only from my instructor but also his stories of other inspiring people. The motivation of bettering myself daily and working to motivate others is important. I will remember and work on attaining the leadership qualities I have learned and seen portrayed by my instructor. I really enjoyed this course. It was very informative and always stayed interesting. The stories and the way Mr. Johnson kept us involved was great, he wasn't just talking at us, we learned together."

"Over the course of this semester, I have taken the time to read a book written by our instructor, Mark Johnson. I have learned many great leadership qualities from this book, how to be inspirational, better myself as a person, and hopefully help others better themselves. Mr. Johnson's book on leadership has truly showed me what it means to be a leader. What my true goals as a leader should be, to touch other's lives, set an example and inspire them to achieve greatness. He has taught me the important qualities I need to attain to be a good leader. He has also portrayed what it means and is like to be part of an amazing and functional team. I would definitely recommend this book to others interested in leadership and business. Johnson adds a bit of action and interest with his stories of the Gulf War, Desert Storm, and all the special missions of the Green Berets, while keeping the focus on the important aspects of leadership."

K. W.: "I loved the course, as we had open discussions in class with a high-impact, motivational atmosphere. I got far more learning out of true to life experiences than I ever could in trying to pull the meaning out of a textbook. Thank you, Mark!" "I wanted to read a book that would hold my interest, entertain, and teach me, all at the same time and a book that was unlike a textbook. Seeing how our instructor, Mark Johnson is known for being one of the nation's top motivational speakers on the subject of leadership, as well as personally witnessing his drive and enthusiasm in the classroom, I felt my choosing his book was a safe bet. I was absolutely right! I found this book to be very informative, and fairly easy to follow. Mark Johnson uses those who have inspired him as a vessel to inspire others. It lets the reader know that this book is 'not all about him' and that greatness is all around us, and something we can all achieve. Each chapter is another step in preparing us for our future leadership roles. Reminding us that success is not measured by money, fame, or social status. It is not about graphs, charts, or machines, but instead about human beings and interaction, relationships, and the impact we have on others. It is about making the hard right choices over the easy wrong choices, and inspiring others to do likewise. I enjoyed this book very much. I may be inclined to refer back to its lessons from time to time, perhaps when facing a leadership dilemma in my future career. Am I better today after having read this book? I believe that I absolutely am!"

C. D.: "The main things that will carry on with me throughout my life in the business world would definitely have to be what I read in your book. I've already started applying your words to my leadership approach and it has already started to pay off. C.E. X 3 is a genius formula not only to apply to business but to life in general. I felt Mr. Johnson did a great job of relating with the students and breaking down the complex world of business into something that anyone can understand. " Sam Abuon: "I have learned a lot from Mr. Johnson. He has taught me to be organized, how to be confident, and committed to excellence. I have enjoyed Mr. Johnson so much and honestly respect what he has done and all the experience he has. I value what I have learned from him."

C. H.: "The things I will carry with me always from your course are the C.E. X 3 formula, be better today than yesterday and, of course, all the stories you told us about your personal experiences. I only have good things to say about this course and I thought you did an amazing job teaching it. I really enjoyed being in your class." "As I was reading this book it became very clear to me that this writer knows what he is talking about when it comes to leadership and how to lead. This book had a lot of self experiences in it and there were real-life situations on times when there was no choice but to lead your team. I always found it easier to learn about something when there were actual real-life experiences. This book has greatly helped me understand how to become a good leader and how to better interact with people in general. It has had a tremendous impact on the way that I live and see things around me. The war stories that helped tie it all together were great. I would greatly recommend this book to anyone that would like assistance in becoming a better leader or to anyone who just likes to read about some war stories and fun experiences. It was a very good read and I enjoyed it immensely."

T. B.: "As I read Mr. Johnson's book and took his class I learned so much about being a leader. I have been in a leadership position for over 10 years and this book made me look at things differently. I believe that if I apply some of the things I have learned I will become a better leader. The whole book was great and I learned so much this semester that I feel will assist me run my business. If we use what we learned in class we can become a great leader. I will definitely apply those lessons to help my workers grow and develop. I want to thank you, Mr. Johnson, for giving back what you have learned in your personal life and sharing with us."

T. R.: "I really enjoyed the class. You are a great speaker and I like to think that some day I'll have your speaking presence. I really enjoyed the way you communicate and it kept me interested and I never wanted to miss a class because I loved your enthusiasm. I hope there are more men like you in our armed forces, and thank you for your service. You make me feel proud to be an American. Thank you for teaching at Longview."

T. G.: "Mr. Johnson's C.E. X 3 formula is the biggest thing I will remember and he has lit a fire under me with his excitement, confidence, and passion. Taking his course really has inspired me in everything I do now. My other teachers have noticed that I worked harder and my boss has noticed it also."

D. H.: "There are many things that I learned in this course that I will carry on with me. I got so much motivation from Mr. Johnson and his course and I will always remember his positive attitude and excited personality. Mr. Johnson was the leader of our course and set the good example for us by displaying the qualities that we learned of in class. In the future I will try to posses the characteristics that he taught us and I will try to be a confident leader, who is excited, and committed to excellence. Overall, I will use what I learned in this course in my future career."

S. M.: "I would carry on with me just about everything taught in class. I know that in my job I can have a great impact on life. Being confident and showing excitement gains a lot of trust and excitement in clients, as a photographer. I feel that the course had a positive impact on my life and how I see things have really changed for the better because of the things I was taught. Thank you!"

D. D.: "There were many high points of the class that I enjoyed. You walked around, interacted with the class, your hand motions and excitement in your voice helped bring emotion into the discussion. Every class was a participation and you didn't just sit and teach the class or just stand, he walked around and interacted with us. He put excitement and feelings into the discussion no matter what the class was about or who was talking even. He also explained everything in detail and answered any questions about the topic. In class he was our teacher but outside class he would answer and question and would talk with you in the hallways. I will carry with me the way he taught class and the way he carried himself with confidence and the traits of being a leader, confidence is one of the biggest things I will work on. The course was my favorite class I have taken in a long time. It was a good class and anyone who is or will become a leader should take this class because they won't be the leader they could be if they don't take this course."

J. K.: "I enjoyed this class a lot. I felt like I learned more here that I will use in the real world than I did in any other course. Thank you for teaching the course and showing me the care you did, it is much appreciated. You have helped me see the world in a new light. I feel like I had an idea of some of these concepts but actually hearing them and hearing leadership taught from a great leader has gone a long way for me."

J. J.: "The high points of this class were the lessons itself. It explained leadership at a real-life level that was easy and exciting to learn. I will take away the lessons, and Mr. Johnson's excitement to teach as important parts of remembrance. I enjoyed the class and look forward to applying what I have learned in the real world. Thank you!"

L. S.: "I will carry on with me forever how much Mr. Johnson cares for us students. He really cares for us and wants us to be better because of this class. I will always remember to do the 'hard right over the easy wrong'. I enjoyed everything in this class."

R. R.: "Mr. Johnson's examples such as his war stories helped paint a picture of a real life leader in action. It helped show that, as a leader, things might be tough, but it can be done. His examples were really good. I'll remember how Mr. Johnson's attitude every day he brought to the class was a happy, successful, 'we're going to get things accomplished today' kind of attitude. I enjoyed how he was a very upbeat teacher, and I'm excited to take more of his classes. The course was great, overall!"

T. S.: "This class has been one of my favorites that I have ever had. The information was very important and helpful. I think that pretty much everyone should have to take this class because there is so much good info that they need to know. I will always remember to have confidence in everything I do. I will also keep your book so that I can refer back to it whenever I need to. I do and always will have great respect for you. You really are an exceptional leader, instructor, person, and friend."

B. C.: "I thought this course was amazing. I loved every word spoken throughout the semester. As the classes wore on, I felt more and more possessed to listen and learn. I felt this class was interesting and also important to my life and future."

K. S.: "I really enjoyed this semester with Colonel Johnson. I will definitely try to take all the aspects of leadership and apply them to my life from now on. I thought he did a really good job of going into detail of what it takes to be a good leader. I feel now that I am a lot more prepared to lead others than I was at the beginning of the semester. I hope to work hard to show many of the characteristics that Colonel Johnson taught us throughout the class."

D. W.: "I think this class was awesome and Mark Johnson is an outstanding teacher and can really engage his people. There is a reason why people succeed in life and that is because we have someone like you whom believe in us. I am extremely proud of the man you are and all you have accomplished in your life. Thank you and continued blessings always."

S. O.: "While there were required books for this class, it was clear the importance was on learning the life lessons rather than the book lessons. I think you did a great job, Mr. Johnson, of showing us that you can take away so much from a simple action. Every mission was a building block for the person you are today and every hardship or roadblock becomes a learning tool to better yourself for the next obstacle down the road. You showed a zest for life and I learned a new lesson every day. I am so proud to have you as a teacher because you go beyond the book, bringing us into your life. Your words have inspired me to reconnect with lost family members and I have salvaged relationships. I am excited to have you again as a teacher there are so many wonderful stories and lessons to be learned. I have enjoyed listening to all the lessons and you have truly made this class a wonderful time. Thank You."

J. S.: "I will carry on from class just how positive the class was, how it was never boring, and unlike most classes, there was important and useful information I learned every time I was in class. Mr. Johnson helped me see how important it is to always be excited and positive. I had a great time in this class, it is one I'll never forget."

M. L.: "The highest point from this course was the pure example of motivational leadership displayed by Colonel Johnson himself. The true and sincere regard for the students in the class and his fellow soldiers from his years as a Special Forces officer are undeniable. I believe that if I use the many skills from confidence to commitment to excellence that I have learned from Colonel Johnson, I will excel as a leader and be a better human being all around."

B. S.: "I will carry with me the many great things, the stories and life experiences that Mark has been through and how they pertain to this class. I really enjoyed every minute of it and I cannot wait to enroll in another of your courses."

W. H.: "I will remember everything I was taught because rather than being a text-based class, Mr. Johnson related the information in an understandable way. I will easily remember this being the best class I have ever taken and the only one where I actually feel I've gained something. Everything was taught will ensure a successful team operation in my future as a firefighting officer. The best class I have taken in my life. Period."

K. M.: "What I will remember most about this class is the enthusiasm and how positive and confident the class made me feel. The stories and shared memories were fantastic and the morals were memorable and influential. Since the class I've already begun to see improvements on my work performance and realized that my positive work ethic is getting noticed by upper management and is being reflected by my co-workers."