Mark Johnson


What College Students and Faculty are saying...

Dr. Tom W. Bryant"I highly recommend Mark Johnson. He has the unique ability to channel his excitement, enthusiasm, and vast experience into thrilling, motivational, and inspirational speeches. He is highly sought out, establishes instant rapport with his audience, and I know you will be as impressed with him as I am."

Dr. Tom W. Bryant, President
Pittsburg State University

"Mark Johnson had a powerful impact on helping me establish my priorities. He opened my eyes to the importance of being "Prepared", surrounding myself with "Quality People", and finding what "Motivates" me to become better and better every day. His statement, "Be better today than you were yesterday.", has challenged me to step up to the plate in my own professional integrity and development. Too often I've "settled", when I should be "getting better". It was a privilege to have Mark on the campus of Independence Community College. He wasn't just a speaker who came to campus for a one time training, he is now a friend that I will be turning to in my professional development for the next several years. Being able to learn from his heroism and leadership is a once in a lifetime opportunity."

Darla Harms, Director, Developmental Studies
Independence (KS) Community College

"Mark Johnson has been an amazing source of power and inspiration for Labette Community College. Each fall, he has provided a spark in our students to set and achieve goals for themselves. We hope to continue this relationship as it has empowered our students to be successful each year. He also is very active with our Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society, providing its leadership with vision and inspiration and he has been largely responsible for its growing numbers and success."

Tammy Fuentez, Director Student Services, Labette Community College

"It was such a pleasure for us to have the opportunity to meet you and share time with you. Your message was one of inspiration and motivation and I thank you for the words of wisdom and gentle reminders that you shared with us. The faculty greatly benefited from hearing your message. Educators need to be reminded often that they are important and that they are in the life changing business! We look forward to having you become a regular fixture on our campus."

Sheree Utash, Vice President of Academic and Student Affairs
Cowley College, Arkansas City, KS

Megan Ballock"Mark is a wonderful inspiration. Listening to him speak has created sources of motivation for so many different aspects of my life, be it in the workplace, the classroom, athletically, or in my relationships and interactions with other people. Mark's inspiration and passion for life shine through in his presentations; he will convince anybody that they can accomplish anything."

Megan Ballock, Pittsburg State University
4-time All-State performer, Track & Field
2006 High School Valedictorian
Perfect 4.000 student-athlete

"I have had the pleasure to listen to Mark Johnson speak on two separate occasions. I must say it isn't difficult coming out of one of his sessions feeling empowered. Mr. Johnson gives not only motivation to community college students, but also a sense of importance in society. He speaks with experience, humor, and integrity that delivers that motivation we all need."

Virginia Kepner, Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society
Labette Community College

"Mark Johnson truly provides a "spark" to any program with his effective presentation and compelling, first-hand experiences of leadership in the most challenging of circumstances. He is a great patriot, with a heart for young people and a passion for excellence. His message is a vital one for youth, business, and community leaders."

Dr. Ron Wilson, Director
Huck Boyd National Institute for Rural Development
Kansas State University

Jack Lindquist"Mark shook the rafters with his enthusiasm and message. Mark shared his talents detailing his life altering leadership experiences. His style was engaging and attention grabbing. His energy and message was so strong that if any of our participants weren't patriotic before Mark made his presentation, they were at the top of the list of patriots by the program's conclusion. Outstanding! A true Green Beret hero!"

Jack Lindquist, President
Kansas Agriculture and Rural Leadership, Inc.
Kansas State Univerity

Ritch Price"I would recommend every athletic team schedule Mark to speak with their student-athletes. His message about preparing properly every day, work ethic, teamwork, energy, passion, and trust will hit home with every athlete. Mark is one of the finest motivational speakers in the country, and truly an American hero.""

Ritch Price, Head Baseball Coach
University of Kansas
9-times selected Conference Coach-of-the-Year
21 players in professional baseball

Marci Mitchell"Mark Johnson is the epitome of leadership! His passion is unbelievable and so inspiring. Words cannot express enough how much I rely on his mentorship. I met Colonel Johnson while attending community college as a student-athlete and he has been mentoring me since. He is not only a great leader and outstanding speaker - he is driven, inspirational, motivational, and genuine. Mark doesn't just speak the words of leadership and excellence - he lives them! As a mentor, he supports me, teaches and motivates me every time we communicate. Just a little note from him gets me all fired up again. Some good "Mark Motivation" always does me a world of good. He has touched my life the way he has thousands of others. Mark Johnson is the real deal!"

Marci Mitchell, Nashville, TN
Fort Scott Community College volleyball player
Pittsburg State University
"The Marci Mitchell Band"

Colonel Roger H.C. Donlon"Mark Johnson symbolizes what leadership is all about. His self-confidence and pride in being a leader shine through when he talks. People listen because he delivers his message emphatically, excitedly and with sincere fervor and genuine concern.""

Colonel Roger H.C. Donlon
United States Army (Retired)
Medal of Honor

Leo Bookman"Mark Johnson is unbelievable. He's a great motivator with a wonderful humor. He thrilled our team with his incredible adventures and gave us the confidence to excel no matter how hard. His emphasis on the importance of preparation, which saved his own life in combat, touched a nerve in all of us and led to our working even harder than before and increasing our personal goals. He is, without doubt, the most motivating person I have met."

Leo Bookman, Nike International
3-Time NCAA Division I Champion, 200 meter dash
Nationally-ranked Sprinter

Ryan Baty"Today's society searches for the voice of a genuine leader. In Mark, I've found the qualities we long for. In the toughest of situations Mark remained steadfast and persistent. He is a strong pillar of character who's lifestyle echo's his message of always 'doing the hard right over the easy wrong thing'. A true American hero, Mark has served as an inspiration to myself and my teammates."

Ryan Baty, NCAA All-American baseball player
All- Big XII
Tampa Bay Devil Rays

"Thank you for giving such a motivating and invigorating speech. It truly was a great honor to be in the presence of such a phenomenal leader. You have certainly left your mark among us officers as well as all members. We cannot thank you enough!"

Officers of the National Society of Collegiate Scholars
University of Kansas

"Your enthusiasm is inspiring and motivating. I've been struggling with how to define my leadership abilities, after listening to your presentation I realized that I am able to motivate people and I care! Its that simple. I have a new sense of confidence and excitement. Thank you."

Virginia Sutton
Blueprints Leadership conference, Lawrence