Mark Johnson


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President Bush

"Colonel Johnson, Thank you for your book, Lessons in Leadership... our nation is grateful for the courage, dedication, and sacrifice of our veterans. Laura and I send our best wishes. May God bless you, and may God continue to bless America."

George W. Bush
43rd President of the United States

Mark Johnson is the Master of Motivation!

The Author of two books,

“Lessons In Leadership: Straight Talk from a Green Beret”

“How to Get Anyone to Follow You Anywhere...Green Beret Secrets to Leadership and Team Building”.

Learn the secrets to Mark Johnson’s gifted ability to motivate and inspire people. His charisma and energy will “spark” your organization. It’s an art and skill he has developed and honed through his unique experiences world-wide.

Mark delivers his message emphatically and with heated passion as he speaks of his 20 years as a decorated Green Beret officer. He shares insight, humor, and excitement spent from training, performing, and speaking to audiences in over 50 countries on four continents. He assists leaders in maximizing their effectiveness using simple formulas he has developed and perfected in many of the world’s most dangerous and remote areas.


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“Mark’s charisma is unreal...reminiscent of Elvis. You feel his magic with each word. His energy is infectious.”

Nancy Tklacevic
President & CEO
West Coast Quartz, Inc.
Fremont, CA

“One of America’s very best motivational speakers...I think THE BEST! In all my years I have never heard anyone more passionate, credible. His charisma captivates any audience.”

Donald W. Wilson, Ph.D.
Senior Executive Advisor to the Chairman of the Board
Shinawatra International University
Bangkok, Thailand


"Mark Johnson was excellent! I could have listened to him for hours! He enthused and inspired me and gave me confidence to tackle difficult situations. He is dynamic and full of personality!"

Sarah Haughan
National Trust Company
Birmingham, England